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Estate Planning Services

Get ahead of what you leave behind.

Our approach was designed to uncover the unintended consequences commonly associated with a poorly planned estate. We work with your tax and legal advisors, and know the right questions to ask, leveraging more than 30 years of experience to proactively plan ahead. Because when it comes to the comfort of loved ones, or to the continued success of the business you helped build, nothing should be left to chance.

Pinnacle Group partners with you to:

  • Develop an assessment of your current situation and the future outcome of your current plan.
  • Establish goals for estate.
    • Lifetime goals and objectives
    • Wealth transfer goals for children and grandchildren
    • Philanthropic planning – a process to identify a strategic approach to our lifetime charitable activities and charitable strategies at your death
  • Strategize for your estate plan
    • Understand current estate plan strategy with regard to projected tax consequences and specific asset distribution results
    • Implement strategies to help reduce taxes and identify efficient funding strategies for taxes
  • Review life insurance
    • Review and design a life insurance portfolio to help achieve overall estate transfer objectives in the most efficient and well-managed manner

Plan with Purpose.

Leave a lasting impact on what you value the most in life with estate planning support services by Pinnacle Group. We take the time to understand your objectives, establish strategies that best support those intentions and then coordinate with tax, insurance, investment and legal professionals to help ensure all components are in place. The end result is a plan with purpose; a detailed plan that outlines distribution of assets, help reduce tax exposure and seizes on the philanthropic opportunities most important to you.

Solutions that are uniquely yours.

As partners in the development of your estate, we work closely with you to outline a plan that builds toward your distinct vision. It begins with a comprehensive discovery phase designed to capture a detailed picture of your finances. We identify goals, address barriers and help capitalize on potential opportunities. But most importantly, we have an honest conversation about what you value most. Only then can we deliver a plan that truly reflects your lasting legacy and provides comfort for the future.